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joan mcgregor

Joan McGregor is a professor of Philosophy in the School of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies; a Senior Scholar with the School of Sustainability; and a Board Member of ASU’s Desert Humanities Center at Arizona State University. Joan is a transdisciplinary and collaborative scholar and current President of ASU’s Tempe Campus Academic Senate. Her current research continues to focus on issues of food, food justice, food narratives, and food sustainability. She recently published an article arguing for the intersection of food, climate, and environmental injustices and the dignitary harms that result. She has collaborated with scientists and engineers working on the ethics of emerging technologies, additionally she has done research on ethical and legal concerns to indigenous peoples and published widely in jurisprudence and bioethics. Joan was co-director of three NEH summer institutes on sustainability one entitled “Fierce Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and the Foundations of Environmental Ethics," “Rethinking the Land Ethic: Humanities and Sustainability,” and, in 2016, “Extending the Land Ethic.” Her public philosophy work won her the Arizona Humanities Council’s Public Humanist award in 2019. One of her public projects, which focuses on food, grew out of the Mellon-funded Humanities for the Anthropocene, entitled “Dinner 2040: The Future of Food." McGregor is passionate about food, not only equity and access concerns around food, but also the importance of quality food in the cultural lives of everyone.