As we strive to connect with the food needs of our community while being aligned with Slow Food USA’s values, we found it opportune to launch the Slow Food Phoenix Policy and Advocacy Committee. Slow Food USA advocates that good, clean and fair food does start with personal decisions about food but also needs continuous advocacy at the federal, state and local policy level to ensure its values translate along the farm-to-fork chain. We believe it is important to advocate for positive public policy that forges the appropriate political, social, environmental and economic environment to tackle the food and farm challenges and present solutions to our policymakers. However, given Phoenix's nascent knowledge in policy issues, we decided to focus our energy on one essential topic, namely advocating for Farm to School policies. To embark on this new challenge, we partnered with Creosote Partners, a progressive legislative advocacy firm to develop our policy agenda and ensure that it is aligned with the larger policy issues that Slow Food USA focuses on in relation to school feeding programs and nutrition programs. 


A work in progress, our agenda is one we hope will be fine-tuned and improved with our members and our different partners in the coming few years. 


  • We support policies that increase education about good, clean, fair food for all.

  • We encourage the use of a curriculum that embraces the history, sustainability, and respect for quality food systems.

  • We support the culinary arts, and the training and empowerment of school nutrition employees to engage with local food systems.

  • We support the creation of quality school gardens connected to the relevant curriculum.


  • We support policies that increase equitable access to good, clean fair, food.

  • We will remove barriers to the enjoyment of sustainable, locally grown foods.


  • We will encourage the flourishing of small and medium local producers to enrich the community around food.

  • We will create a culture of food through diversity in food supplies, developing connections for students and youth, and by embracing local food communities.

  • We will oppose any attempts to disrupt the connection between culture and food within local food systems.

This work cannot be done without our larger Slow Food Phoenix members and Arizona community, for this reason, we hope you can participate in our different initiatives and events in the months to come.