About Slow Food Phoenix

Slow Food is a non-profit, eco-gastronomic, membership organization that educates people about how the foods we choose to consume everyday have a large impact on our environment, health and the world we live in.

At Slow Food we are dedicated to supporting and celebrating the food traditions of the many cultures living in the United States. The Slow Food Phoenix chapter members range from professional chefs to home cooks and nutritionists who enjoy the philosophy and the food of the Slow Food Movement. We are interested in ensuring that our food is good, clean and fair for all:

  • Good food: Is local, seasonal, delicious, fresh, and wholesome.
  • Clean food: Preserves biodiversity, sustains the environment, and nourishes a healthy lifestyle for both humans and animals.
  • Fair food: Honors the labor of those who produced the food from field to fork and honors diversity of cultures and traditions in the United States.

Good, clean and fair food should be accessible to all. Please join us on this wonderful journey towards rediscovering what food is all about!

For more information, please contact us at: info@slowfoodphoenix.org

“The quest for slowness, which begins as a simple rebellion against the impoverishment of taste in our lives, makes it possible to rediscover taste” – Carlo Petrini, Founder of the Slow Food movement.