Chapter Updates: December 2018

On November 8th we met at The Parlor for a Board of Directors and committee leadership happy hour to meet and discuss those topics that are of interest here locally. 18 people attended and were treated to a variety of yummy dishes prepared by our own Aric Mei as we discussed why we love Slow Food and a little about our individual relationships with food. We discovered that many of us share the same passion for areas of interest. As we forge ahead with the many Slow Food Phoenix activities and events on the planning horizon, we will schedule more of these happy hours that really allow people to connect in a casual way and have meaningful dialogue. Thank you to those in attendance for contributing to the conversation.

Upcoming Election

Slow Food Phoenix has been hard at work putting together the slate of candidates recommended by the nominating committee for the upcoming 2018 chapter Board and officer elections for the annual meeting. The Board structure decided upon calls for an 11 person Board with appointed committee heads for projects, activities and events.

Following is the slate of candidates:

Co – Chair              John Beshears

Co – Chair              Patty Emmert

Vice President         Charlene Badman

Treasurer               Danielle Leoni

Secretary               Kevin Wein

Membership           Elyse Guizzepi

Social                    Natalie Morris

At Large                Michael Brown

At Large                Sara El Sayed

At Large                Joan McGregor

At Large                Lou Rodarte

Please look for an announcement of the date of the upcoming annual meeting and election. As soon as the committee structures are formed we will ask for volunteers to head those committees. Thank you, thank you to all who volunteer their time to serve Slow Food Phoenix!